Claressa‘ is the name of the land we have in Second Life for ‘The Half Mile Gallery‘ since 2009 and for RIFT HORIZON events. [In some books and articles we published between 2007 and 2009 you find a landmark Symmetry. There is a memorial plate there so readers shall find our new home easily.

The Half Mile Gallery and RIFT HORIZON are community driven projects. Responsible is Reiner Schneeberger. IM Art Blue in SL and in opengrids or offer friendship to Ervare in Facebook.

To understand RIFT HORIZON it would be best to start in history, in the history of Digital Art. But who wants to look back when one also can look ahead? So lets start with the future, where “Art Blue” looks back to the past and present. It is the story “THE ARTEFACT“, published in rez Magazine.


Second Life of Linden Lab is one world of many of this kind. The technology is open source. So you can create your own world open for everyone to visit and share your work, your dream. You find some information, easy to read, in an article The Primcurator. In case you have heared of VULCANICUS, the Volcano of Art and you want to visit it, then enter Metropolis grid. Second Life has the advantage of more people around, but carries for artists a bunch of disadvantages. Best to forward you to C.A.L.L. [Creators Against Linden Lab]. I feel sorry on this change as you see me here in 2008 with Jean Linden in Karlsruhe at the first Metaverse SL conference and a friend who helped me to make my first tiny steps in this realm in 2007. We [at Stiftung Kunstinformatik – means nonprofit Trust for Programmed Art] use now opensimulator technology since 2011, which is compatible to Second Life primworlds.

At RIFT HORIZON you find the daVinci machine. Watch or be part in a play or a performance which comes usually with the opening or closing of an exhibtion. A play normally is very short as it is about to introduce a gift you will get. Just join the group dont panic.