The Cathedral Dreamer

Why not telling a story starting from the end and going backwards?

So lets begin with a gift you may get at the next event at RIFT HORIZON on Tuesday, January 21 at 22.00 h CET [=21.00 GMT]. This will be the gift:


Of course you are curious what the blue advert means “Get your skeleton for free today”. Was it on iCNN? Is it a fake? Yes and No. Just click at the picture and you see what you get. Yes! A skeleton Avatar, full perm. This means you can copy, modify and transfer it. So it is a treasure you will get … when and where? For this you need to read the very next RIFT_HORIZON  iCNN_logo_small …. [coming soon].

But why you will get this gift? There is a reason as ‘It´s all experimental.‘ Inside this cnn_logo_small iReport you will find it, hidden. And we all know a skeleton cant loose clothes! And the article you may need to read to get the full message follows now: Technology Rift:cnn_logo_small Genesis in 3D in Art ‘Hall of Fractals – Cathedral Dreamer‘. Now you know why the skeleton was made for ‘you’.

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