VULCANICUS easy access

The time capsule VULCANICUS was closed, then reopened as some content creators in SL read in rez Magazine “THE END: THIS WORLD COUTING DOWN”. The Hypergrid Embassy in SL was openend and many things happened … Opensim worlds are on the way to become the standard plattform for Digital Art in 3D. Art Blue is testing constantly all open grids and works on improving their use for the arts. But now how to visit VULCANICUS the easy way.

Make an avatar using this site (even this site looks not so great, its the best infrastructure there). Use a different password than in SL

Then download Firestorm viewer, the version for SL and opensim. Select in login screen grid “Metropolis” and up you go. Teleport to Futurelab  [sim Map name], jump to the outpost of the Hypergrid Safari [The Cage] and look around. Offer Art Blue friendship. Join HG Safari and look for members online.

If you dont have the Firestrom dual world edtion you have to add the grid manually to the viewer. The uri for Metropolis is

When invited to visit VULCANICUS you get a link to paste into Map [sim uri for hyperjump] or a simple Map name [for teleport]. Set your drawing distance to max [1024 meter] and graphics on ultra. To reduce lag VULCANICUS uses the Dual-SIM-Preload-concept, developed and set on MIT openlicence, by Art Blue. You will land on VULCANICUS 1 – this time named RIFT HORIZON. There you press at the “Meeting point of Generations” the red footprint of Zeus and you head to North. You land on the Cloud Guide, made by Cherry Manga. VULCANICUS 2 [the destination] might still work on loading prims [over 19.000]. Wait and use your camera to zoom until the build-up period is done, then fly slowly into the Volcano of Art. Plan your visit carefully. Visiting the The British Museum thinking you can make it in 2 hours on a fast run might bring just stress and even frustration on the overwhelming amount of works. Same here. But in the British Museum you have a cafeteria, here not – at least you have to find it first. It is the Room Ferrisquito, where time runs slowly [Located at about 1400 meters in the sky]. Very well know creators and some names you might have never heard before are placed next to each other. There is a story on each of them. Take your time and think about to come back again – relaxed with a note what artist you want to explore at this fine day. There are guided tours into the Volcano of Art on Wednesday. Join HG Safari in Facebook to get connected.




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