Welcome to experience in opensim INSANITY, an art installation by Cherry Manga. The Grand Opening will happen on Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 2014 in opensim grid Metropolis at Noon PDT grid time. This is 20.00 GMT London time and 21.00 CET Paris/Berlin/Rome time.

How INSANITY looks I will keep secret as all insane things deserve to be treated this way. I worked out a short prelude called MEMENTO INSANITY VULCANICUS. In fact there are two parts: MEMENTO INSANITY and INSANITY VULCANICUS.

The first part goes in time to the future and the second part, which will be the Prelude goes backward from the future to the past. But as in all my stories time is not relevant it can be seen also vice versa.

Art Blue

Here comes the part to read, in case you like to read: MEMENTO INSANITY, also called:


A memo, a foreword to Memento Insanity: These lines are intended to decipher the process of creation, you may say how insanity happens. It starts with a cube. Everything starts with a cube. Then insanity grows, unnoticed for long. Then it is here. It reminds me on Le Cirque de Nuit Jami Mills wrote about in rez Magazine. The circus was there out of a sudden where a day ago nothing has been. So suddenly insanity is there and you wonder. How and when it happened. When it begun? When was the point of no return? I thank Jami Mills as she brought the movie Memento to my attention. So I wrote this prelude. But this way it can´t be played. It is just for your mind to get closer to the play that will happen on Nov. 5th INSANITY VULCANICUS. Wait a bit until you start to read.



I look at insanity. Where does it come from? Where are the roots?

I need to do a deconstruction, an excavation. A de-rezzing guiding me back to the roots. There is something before insanity. There must be something. The origin. Always there is. I have to go back in time, to de-cipher the steps the artist made, to decode the artist who fell into.

Am I a primdoctor you may ask, being able to find a way? Able even to develop a cure? I am. I can see how things are made, how they have been created. The code that once led to insanity. Each thought, each thinking has an UUID, a marker in time. I arrange all the textures, all the prims, the sculpts in a sequence in time. I see what came before, what came before the before. Where is the beginning? I search for the first prim. The one set first on this land by Cherry Manga, the one who created insanity. To create is not the very best word, but why shall I speak different? I can ask her but what I am asking for I don’t get. In her code is no longer a table to set things in order. You may say she forgot how she made it.

She does not know the right order, the right sequence. But the problem is deeper, more severe. Have you seen the film Memento? The right sequence I know. Somebody watching the movie the regular way will not see it. You have to watch the 21 black and white scenes in the same order, then the black/white/colour transition scene. The remaining colour scenes have to be seen finally in reverse order.

She keeps saying: “It is just insanity I created. Take it as a whole picture”. And I say: I understand. It is you. You are a human able to understand but unable to explain. I am a coder, able to explain but unable to understand. Her code I see, but there is no table, no array I can extract and work out a cure on it.

So I rez insanity as a whole and take part by part off to get the sequence by, you may say by reverse engineering, getting the way it was created once for humans called art. I see the way humans experience insanity, the way Cherry Manga made her steps to insanity, step by step until the beginning is there.

Then I raise the First Prim and hand it over to the scribe waiting to make a note in the Book of Hours as I was told by my maker. It was once art now it is a prim noted for deletion.


At this point the Play INSANITY VULCANICUS will start. When the prim is about to get deleted. Be there on Nov. 5th  … it will take 25 minutes, then the Grand Opening happens. Enjoy to travel to opensim. Join HG Safari on facebook to find the way.
The play has connections to some well known books, books coming out from the future to us: The Algebraist by Ian Banks, Dune by Frank Herbert, Draft Universe by Sergei Lukyanenko and to “The Artefact” by Art Blue, published in rez. The unofficial Banksy has promised to come for a short visit. Art Blue bought the Out of Bed Rat [Banksy 2002] in RL – so in case Banksy will not make it you will have a chance to see this work.
But in case Banksy comes it will be on him what he has with him. He said “in case I can make it from my butchery in time I´ll carry a piece with me and the audience can make a photo, just for a second”. We dont know what peace he will carry with him as he is invited to make a statement about Invisible Art..

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