About a short play “Walking on the Moon” performed today for Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdale to thank them for one year editing my stories published in rez Magazine. And a video that takes you on the moon. Let´s bring the video first!

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The first woman on the moon made it in the year 1964. Yes correct: 2014 – 50 years is 1964. Why was it so? And is there proof? And who was it? The answer shall be given step by step.

In a stunning video production you get it all. It happened in the Metaverse. Yes the Metaverse George Bloom, executive producer at CBS Digital, speaks in his TED talk. He says “we will meet all there in some years time”.


But what happened before it comes to such production? 

[12:3jami_0064] Message shouts:  You shall hear a spherical music from Ultraviolet Alter and some synthetic voices and sound mixed in. Turn on the stream in your viewer that is set active on the ground.

[12:36] Jami Mills: great music

[12:36] Director: Cannoneers, welcome the audience!

[12:37] Jami Mills: are the engines still being readied?

[12:38] Jami Mills: hydrogen cells fully fueled?

[12:38] Jami Mills: i’m getting hungry!

[12:38] Director:  Well done cannoneers! I heard the cannon fire three times!

-:  It became tradition at the Grand Theatre to skip the personal welcome babble. We would sit here for hours if I would greet all of high rank and of noble born caste in person who decided to join this play and stay invisible.

-:  If this journey is successful it shall be noticed by the scribes of Astropoeticon that two writers have passed the barrier of space and time and stayed alive. So I call the scribes holding the book of hours in hand and the prelude may fill the air.

-:  I call Art Blue to use the time machine made by Aley Resident. Let us travel 50 years back into the past.

[12:40] Now playing: 04 Faust – Prelude On The Stage spoken by Canary


[12:41] Jami Mills: nice time machine

-:  The time machine made it up to the podium and you Art are granted to enter the secret phrase of the Bene Gesserit whenever the machine is warmed up. Let’s turn our volume up to be sure to hear the old voices speaking.

[12:42] Now playing: Bene_Gesserit

[12:42] Jami Mills: volume up

[12:42] Jami Mills: neighbors are banging on their walls

-:  Tell me Art when the change of time is completed. And remember today you have to handle the technical part of Qnav What, the helicopter will be your job and the light signal!

[12:43] Now playing: Ultraviolet Alter

-:  In the meantime I will call the mechanical robot made by Thirza Ember and Snow and give order to rez the Gravition boots for the pioneers. Let me test if the robot is working by a language check.

[12:43] Jami Mills: I see the robot!

[12:44] –:  [audience: you shall hear the robot speaking about his capability of speaking 187 languages. Focus on Robbie.]

[12:44] Art Blue:  The display in the time machine says time as changed and the land around has moved from flat to an insane island. Maybe it is just on my channel and for all others around nothing has happened?

[12:46] Director:  Land ahead is gone to insane? No moon around?

[12:47] Art Blue:  One moment, checking …

[12:49] Art Blue:  Yes, Insanity the name. A raw file in old format. Day is October, 28 – not as needed November 15. It is an old version of the insane world, not the one that was printed in rez Magazine.

[12:49] Director:  Can you move slightly the time control forward? Use the lamp to see the correct date as I know your eyes are not the best!

[12:49] Art Blue:  I try!

[12:50] Director:  I see INSANITY. Oh holy prim the challenge has begun. The ladies shall get ready. The moon might appear every minute. The famous words of Cherry Manga “all starts with insane” came true!

[12:50] Jami Mills: ready!

[12:51] Jami Mills: my boots didn’t fit, though

[12:51] Director:  Pilots? Ready for the test? I call Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdale to get ready.

[12:51] Jami Mills: ready!

[12:51] Jami Mills: I’ll have to do this in heels!

[12:51] Jami Mills: amazing insanity

[12:51] Art Blue:  I tp to the physical examination platform where I will wait for them. Let´s see if both are fitting. I will carry the Graviton moon boots with me. There are strong winds coming up.

rez_heli [12:51] Director:  Don’t forget to check their heart beats and blood pressure.

[12:52] Jami Mills: ok…ready for further orders

[12:52] Art Blue:  The helicopter is ready. I check the instruments and do a test flight. Then the ladies may show their talents and follow the flight path I show them. Only the toughest ones will make the flight on heavy g-pressure expected.

[12:52] -:  [flight show happens – ladies note the path of the helicopter so you pass the test]

[12:52] Jami Mills: I have to pee

[12:53] Director:  And so it came that Art Blue inspected the women and decided that Jami Mills will become the first woman stepping on the moon, rewriting history as you all know.

[12:53] Jami Mills gasps!

[12:54] Jami Mills: I would have done my hair had I known……

-:  I play the historic words of Jami, the first woman on the moon. Listen to her words and how the second one, Friday interfered. I set it on repeat so you all get a chance to capture the words that have been spoken 50 years ago.

[12:56] Jami Mills listens carefully to authenticate the words

[12:57] Now playing: Jami_on_the_Moon


[12:57] Sponsor Note:  ON THE MOON OF INSANITY was sponsored by Harry´s Bar where the invisible artist Banksy will give audience. See the advertisement in rez Magazine, the gladiator Carpophorus holds in hand. Take a copy with you.


[12:58] Jami Mills: clap clap clap clap clap!!!!!!

[12:58] Jami Mills: author! author!

[12:58] Friday Blaisdale: yayy!

[12:58] Now playing: Ultraviolet Alter


Curious? Want to know more about the scenery? How this all looks? How to make to create your own world? Participate as an artist in a real world Bienniale? Then join next Hypergrid Safari to tune into the Metaverse for your personal first steps on the moon!

It was an experience of a lifetime for Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdale happened on November 15, 2 PM PDT. Follow them to the Moon. Your Moonboots are ready.