JadeYu Fhang: Roots & War

Let me begin the story ‘at the end’ so you see the result. In case you want to see ‘how it all begun’ then you may move to VULCANICUS where JadeYu Fhang became a contributor in 2013.

Roots and War

On January 30, 2014 the 2nd grand opening happend at RIFT HORIZION. The 1st one was on January 21. I call it a pre-opening as JadeYu got influenza on this day. Thats why you find two dates of the opening. Let´s have a look on the 1st opening by an iReport published at cnn_logo_small. The iReport begins with: „A kingdom for a skull“, said Ervare, the curator to the artist JadeYu Fhang as she told him that the skull of the woman on the horse is made in mesh. The skull therefore can be seen only by a mesh supporting 3D viewer proper. “Mesh is forbidden by the Prim Gods of Egypt” he added. The artist assumed it was said lightly by Ervare, means the one knowing in Afrikaans. “Ervare, I like your humor”, JadeYu mentioned. ”

This introduction brings us to some core aspects on the 2nd opening as well on the concept of an 3D art conservation. The idea to keep be roots of Digial 3D art alive over time is outlined in VULCANICUS, so let´s skip this aspect here.

I spoke about ‘the core’. The core of the artwork. Of Roots and War by JadeYu Fhang. The core of Roots, the core of War. The core of JadeYu Fhang. The core of all her installations. She came as an refuge from Algeria in the 60th to France. There is no need to continue for the one ‘seeing art’. So I decided to make a simple plate that I have stolen from my primary source ‘Science in Fiction’. In other words: I combine Art, Technology and Future. The impacts I see.


There is another posting [ ‘Got Ruth‘ ] in cnn_logo_small about the technology flaws in using  ‘a current simulator’. The question ‘do we all live in a simulator’ is allways present for me. Digital Art in 3D and ‘user created content’ is still at the beginning. ‘Virtualization is not only a trend‘ I named one of my art talks at IPAC.

A ‘second world’ comes in many faces: 2 globes in Roots and War, 2 heads in the ‘mother´s body’ in Roots and War, 2 sources [in IT manufacturing and in military]. ‘2’ means a second way, a backup, a second life – ‘A Second Life for Art‘ is the title the curator Dr. Raphael Vella set in 2009 in his introduction on my art project ‘I in 3D’ at the University of Malta.

Therefore I decided to use my Avatar Art Blue playing the character Zaphod Beeblebrox to perform a short play at the 2nd grand opening of Roots and War – combined with some 2nd-technology never shown before in art. The show was a success, a big one. Luckily the servers worked well and the visitors have been patient. I have to mention that all this doing happens without any support by ‘the industry’ or by a reasonable budget. It is all voluntary work that is brougt in. Some entities [museum, art foundation, training institute] support it by ‘good will’. Not bad at all, but in case we had more resources it would be not so ‘experimental‘ cnn_logo_small…. maybe then less fun …

Nevertheless the same technology of opensimulator we use is now a target in military. There is even a project, called MOSES, within the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s SFC Paul Ray Smith, Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC),  located in Orlando. You find this all ‘worked in’ in the short play ‘TRATEOTU – When Phantom gets REAL‘. I re-created the billionaire SR Hadden for this purpose. Hopefully there will be a time when such a SR Hadden is stepping in to support the Roots of Digital Art.

But now let´s have a look at the installation Roots and War by pictures taken by screen artist WizardOz Chrome. I suggest you look at Wizardoz in facebook as she expands her archive daily. She is a true fellower in Digtial Art conservation by stills and also some videos she makes out of them.


The very next step shall be you visit Roots and War live at grid Metropolis: MAKE BELIEVE …

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