The Cathedral of Fractals

A singularity happend on November 28, 2013 at RIFT HORIZON in SL – sim Claressa. It was also a sort of an announcement of the first ‘dual world‘ opening coming soon. The dual world opening itself happened on January 6th, 2014 in SL and grid Metropolis. See iReport Technology Rift: Genesis in 3D in Art ‘Hall of Fractals – Cathedral Dreamer’ on cnn_logo_small


The singularity was witnessed by: Art Eames, Artefice Maximus, Aurora Mycano, Bryn Oh, ChapTer Kronfeld,  過剰, Gem Preiz, Kai, Met Knelstrom, Navah Alphaville, Obscurusart, Quan Lavender, Sina Souza, Seo, Tattoo Lane, Venus Rosen, Walt Ireton, Wizardoz Chrome.
Many thanks to all of you for joining by Art Blue and ‘The Shoulder Beetle’, Neo Gurgelwasser and ‘The daVinci Machine’, RaymondKurzweil and ‘The Graviton Boots’

And here comes the link to the script of the play and to the website of Gem Preiz in VULCANICUS.

Wizardoz Chrome made a nice movie out of a slide show.


The next and final step was done as an extention of VULCANICUS. The installation, called The Cathedral Dreamer is now a permanent part of RIFT HORIZON.

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