How to find ‘The Restaurant At The End Of the Universe’? It is not so easy as you have to pass some tests. Your brain has to be outstanding, facing the highest levels of complexity and you have to be fearless. Many failed, too many. So we took much efford that even a brainless coward can make it. And the best: you can leave all flesh behind. Follow Art Blue playing Zaphod Beeblebrox, a blue skeleton – as ‘it´s all experimental‘ – on January 30 , 2014 – the grand opening of T.R.A.T.E.O.T.U. …

… but before I talk you do death. You might be here as you already passed all the tests and now you want to have party there?

This  you shall get on display when clicking on the ‘food rezzer’:


Just read what the box tells and write in local chat:

/42TRATEOTUtable – and you get the tables and chairs

/42TRATEOTUtea – you get a nice afternoon tea setting

In case you want to experience the setting of the grand opening of ‘Roots and War‘, which comes best when you have read the dialogue with the part of SR Hadden entering the scene, then in addition add

/42TRATEOTUraw – this moves the setting into year 2035 and shows MOSES is still working as predicted in the ‘The Artefact‘ [published in r_e_z January 2014 in English and in Telepolis January 2013 in German] . The veterans of Phoenix FIRESTORM, one of the best viewers for opensimulator, have a meeting there with the actual developers team. SR Hadden is the sponsor of this all …

The restaurant will de-rezz after 20 minutes or by /42remove

Enjoy party.

And here comes the 3rd part of the play TRATEOTU or ‘How phantom gets REAL’

SR Hadden enters the scene …

SR Hadden: wow. This is Roots and War! … The famous installation of JadeYu Fhang of 2013? The first domes ever brought into the open worlds? I want to rent it for our Firestorm meeting. The new robust viewer for Opensim – made for fighters. Art or military – where is the difference? Don’t we live all in a simulator? Do we not all fight hard? *laughs* Roots and War! Fits to the bones Art, doesn’t it?

Art Blue [playing Zaphod Beeblebrox as a skeleton]: to the bones? MY bones need flesh!

SR Hadden: Let´s make a deal. You have second head, so you understand that I need a second source for my meetings – unnoticed from spies on earth.

Art Blue nods and mumbles: All robust systems need a backup 

SR Hadden: Yes! And I will sponsor a restaurant at this place at the end of this universe, indeed it´s a different one! No LIMIT it shall be called! I have brought my engineers with me. They are already moving up by The Lifter. Here is you cheque.

[ end of T.R.A.T.E.O.T.U. – The Restaurant at the end of the universe – and the restaurant appeared in Roots and War mode: ‘raw’ ]

Here are some pictures of ‘The Lifter‘ as it was used in ‘the real play’. The Lifter was made for opensim by Exy, a well known steampunk artist. You find the Lifter at the bottom, the entrance to ‘Roots and War’. So dont TP into the restaurant. Take the ride up! Be fearless.

rift_exy_01_1920x1080  rift_exy_02_1920x1080  rift_exy_03_1920x1080  rift_exy_04_1920x1080

You may ask and where is the restaurant? For this to see you have to take ‘The Lifter’ …

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