RIFTHORIZON.com was setup in 2008 to connect a lot of activities in immersive virtual art worlds. RIFT HORIZON GALLERY became the longest gallery in virtual worlds, including Second Life. Over time many of the projects did a “spin off” and are now somewhere in space. The IMMERSIVIA at Santorini Bienniale re-connected some of these spin offs, also the SURREAL GALLERY at sim Claressa does.

In 2017 it was time to tell more and to condense some of the thoughts in a fun to read way, but staying also serious about the impacts that are behind “Life & Art in servers.”

The Gods of Informatics, written as a memoir of Ervare [which is the coded name of the author] show the past, the present and the future of Digital Art … out of a personal view with a wide experience in art and technology reaching back to the late 70s.


NOT SAND, NOT SOUND, written as creative fiction which elements of a novel dives into the Big Brother theme focusing Avatar driven worlds like Second Life.

Both books you find on Amazon for print and for Kindle. There is a preview given where you find what you need if you are interested in buying.


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