The Assimilator

When you hear ‘Assimilator‘ then I have your attention.


Now you have to move to the next level. To visit the Grand Opening on Thursday, January 30, 2014 at grid Metropolis.

22.00 CET [= 1.00 PM PDT / SLT]

Here comes the Borg Cube as you expected. A cube for art!


Maybe you have heared from VULCANICUS, the rollercoaster for art? Indeed The Volcano of Art is much harder to handle when you fall from 2.000 meter down … as this kids toy here claiming the name BORG assimilator.

You shall experience live ‘the assimilation’.

Phantom gets REAL. REAL gets SOLID.

No pictures here? Yes, thats why you have to expierence it live!

An art exhibition with JadeYu FhangGem PreizAurora Mycano Insl, Exy [Sean Lennon], Gainaned Franciso di Cremona. Kitchen by Michio Funaki. Presented by Art Blue as Zaphod Beeblebrox. Sponsored by SR Hadden.

There will be food! You will not get home hungry.


And as full perm gift: The ONE prim book! – FULL EDIT … FULL COPY … TRANS … SCRIPT IN SOURCE [working in Opensim and SL]

Example is inworld:

rez_2014-01_00 rez_2014-01_01 rez_2014-01_02 rez_2014-01_03 rez_2014-01_04… unlimited pages

Post here if you want it and cannot come:

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