JadeYu Fhang: Roots & War

Let me begin the story ‘at the end’ so you see the result. In case you want to see ‘how it all begun’ then you may move to VULCANICUS where JadeYu Fhang became a contributor in 2013.

Roots and War

On January 30, 2014 the 2nd grand opening happend at RIFT HORIZION. The 1st one was on January 21. I call it a pre-opening as JadeYu got influenza on this day. Thats why you find two dates of the opening. Let´s have a look on the 1st opening by an iReport published at cnn_logo_small. The iReport begins with: „A kingdom for a skull“, said Ervare, the curator to the artist JadeYu Fhang as she told him that the skull of the woman on the horse is made in mesh. The skull therefore can be seen only by a mesh supporting 3D viewer proper. “Mesh is forbidden by the Prim Gods of Egypt” he added. The artist assumed it was said lightly by Ervare, means the one knowing in Afrikaans. “Ervare, I like your humor”, JadeYu mentioned. ”

This introduction brings us to some core aspects on the 2nd opening as well on the concept of an 3D art conservation. The idea to keep be roots of Digial 3D art alive over time is outlined in VULCANICUS, so let´s skip this aspect here.

I spoke about ‘the core’. The core of the artwork. Of Roots and War by JadeYu Fhang. The core of Roots, the core of War. The core of JadeYu Fhang. The core of all her installations. She came as an refuge from Algeria in the 60th to France. There is no need to continue for the one ‘seeing art’. So I decided to make a simple plate that I have stolen from my primary source ‘Science in Fiction’. In other words: I combine Art, Technology and Future. The impacts I see.


There is another posting [ ‘Got Ruth‘ ] in cnn_logo_small about the technology flaws in using  ‘a current simulator’. The question ‘do we all live in a simulator’ is allways present for me. Digital Art in 3D and ‘user created content’ is still at the beginning. ‘Virtualization is not only a trend‘ I named one of my art talks at IPAC.

A ‘second world’ comes in many faces: 2 globes in Roots and War, 2 heads in the ‘mother´s body’ in Roots and War, 2 sources [in IT manufacturing and in military]. ‘2’ means a second way, a backup, a second life – ‘A Second Life for Art‘ is the title the curator Dr. Raphael Vella set in 2009 in his introduction on my art project ‘I in 3D’ at the University of Malta.

Therefore I decided to use my Avatar Art Blue playing the character Zaphod Beeblebrox to perform a short play at the 2nd grand opening of Roots and War – combined with some 2nd-technology never shown before in art. The show was a success, a big one. Luckily the servers worked well and the visitors have been patient. I have to mention that all this doing happens without any support by ‘the industry’ or by a reasonable budget. It is all voluntary work that is brougt in. Some entities [museum, art foundation, training institute] support it by ‘good will’. Not bad at all, but in case we had more resources it would be not so ‘experimental‘ cnn_logo_small…. maybe then less fun …

Nevertheless the same technology of opensimulator we use is now a target in military. There is even a project, called MOSES, within the U.S. Army Research Laboratory’s SFC Paul Ray Smith, Simulation and Training Technology Center (STTC),  located in Orlando. You find this all ‘worked in’ in the short play ‘TRATEOTU – When Phantom gets REAL‘. I re-created the billionaire SR Hadden for this purpose. Hopefully there will be a time when such a SR Hadden is stepping in to support the Roots of Digital Art.

But now let´s have a look at the installation Roots and War by pictures taken by screen artist WizardOz Chrome. I suggest you look at Wizardoz in facebook as she expands her archive daily. She is a true fellower in Digtial Art conservation by stills and also some videos she makes out of them.


The very next step shall be you visit Roots and War live at grid Metropolis: MAKE BELIEVE …

The Cathedral of Fractals

A singularity happend on November 28, 2013 at RIFT HORIZON in SL – sim Claressa. It was also a sort of an announcement of the first ‘dual world‘ opening coming soon. The dual world opening itself happened on January 6th, 2014 in SL and grid Metropolis. See iReport Technology Rift: Genesis in 3D in Art ‘Hall of Fractals – Cathedral Dreamer’ on cnn_logo_small


The singularity was witnessed by: Art Eames, Artefice Maximus, Aurora Mycano, Bryn Oh, ChapTer Kronfeld,  過剰, Gem Preiz, Kai, Met Knelstrom, Navah Alphaville, Obscurusart, Quan Lavender, Sina Souza, Seo, Tattoo Lane, Venus Rosen, Walt Ireton, Wizardoz Chrome.
Many thanks to all of you for joining by Art Blue and ‘The Shoulder Beetle’, Neo Gurgelwasser and ‘The daVinci Machine’, RaymondKurzweil and ‘The Graviton Boots’

And here comes the link to the script of the play http://is.gd/rifthorizon_tcof and to the website of Gem Preiz in VULCANICUS.

Wizardoz Chrome made a nice movie out of a slide show.


The next and final step was done as an extention of VULCANICUS. The installation, called The Cathedral Dreamer is now a permanent part of RIFT HORIZON.


How to find ‘The Restaurant At The End Of the Universe’? It is not so easy as you have to pass some tests. Your brain has to be outstanding, facing the highest levels of complexity and you have to be fearless. Many failed, too many. So we took much efford that even a brainless coward can make it. And the best: you can leave all flesh behind. Follow Art Blue playing Zaphod Beeblebrox, a blue skeleton – as ‘it´s all experimental‘ – on January 30 , 2014 – the grand opening of T.R.A.T.E.O.T.U. …

… but before I talk you do death. You might be here as you already passed all the tests and now you want to have party there?

This  you shall get on display when clicking on the ‘food rezzer’:


Just read what the box tells and write in local chat:

/42TRATEOTUtable – and you get the tables and chairs

/42TRATEOTUtea – you get a nice afternoon tea setting

In case you want to experience the setting of the grand opening of ‘Roots and War‘, which comes best when you have read the dialogue with the part of SR Hadden entering the scene, then in addition add

/42TRATEOTUraw – this moves the setting into year 2035 and shows MOSES is still working as predicted in the ‘The Artefact‘ [published in r_e_z January 2014 in English and in Telepolis January 2013 in German] . The veterans of Phoenix FIRESTORM, one of the best viewers for opensimulator, have a meeting there with the actual developers team. SR Hadden is the sponsor of this all …

The restaurant will de-rezz after 20 minutes or by /42remove

Enjoy party.

And here comes the 3rd part of the play TRATEOTU or ‘How phantom gets REAL’

SR Hadden enters the scene …

SR Hadden: wow. This is Roots and War! … The famous installation of JadeYu Fhang of 2013? The first domes ever brought into the open worlds? I want to rent it for our Firestorm meeting. The new robust viewer for Opensim – made for fighters. Art or military – where is the difference? Don’t we live all in a simulator? Do we not all fight hard? *laughs* Roots and War! Fits to the bones Art, doesn’t it?

Art Blue [playing Zaphod Beeblebrox as a skeleton]: to the bones? MY bones need flesh!

SR Hadden: Let´s make a deal. You have second head, so you understand that I need a second source for my meetings – unnoticed from spies on earth.

Art Blue nods and mumbles: All robust systems need a backup 

SR Hadden: Yes! And I will sponsor a restaurant at this place at the end of this universe, indeed it´s a different one! No LIMIT it shall be called! I have brought my engineers with me. They are already moving up by The Lifter. Here is you cheque.

[ end of T.R.A.T.E.O.T.U. – The Restaurant at the end of the universe – and the restaurant appeared in Roots and War mode: ‘raw’ ]

Here are some pictures of ‘The Lifter‘ as it was used in ‘the real play’. The Lifter was made for opensim by Exy, a well known steampunk artist. You find the Lifter at the bottom, the entrance to ‘Roots and War’. So dont TP into the restaurant. Take the ride up! Be fearless.

rift_exy_01_1920x1080  rift_exy_02_1920x1080  rift_exy_03_1920x1080  rift_exy_04_1920x1080

You may ask and where is the restaurant? For this to see you have to take ‘The Lifter’ …

The Gods of Informatics

There is so much to tell day by day. This evening I shall speak about “NOTHING IS REAL” at Norton Lykin’s newest installation at LEA29. I will give my very best and DISSAPEAR –  as thats the best proof I can give to underline this statement. But my creator will then come and say that I was just not able to decipher the depth of “nothing is real” and say: everything is real. The book of ERVARE is real and here it comes:






Dear friend,

I am a conceptual digital artist. I make concepts for creating art and for installments to display. I don’t make pieces of art by myself any longer. Sometimes I give lectures and show the last piece I made as a metaphor: The Blue Elephant. See me therefore as a curator with a mission to display things my way.

In 2016 Santorini Bienniale will open the doors to Immersive Interactive Art. This fits to present my time capsule of prim based art containing some stunning pieces created in Second Life over the last 10 years made by more than 40 artists. I call the collection VULCANICUS as there is in the center of the sim a huge volcano where the donated pieces are presented in a SL compatible open environment. Open environment means the servers will run for more than 100 years by a non-profit foundation.

In case you have contributed to Vulcanicus you got all answers on questions you had. Then your art is in SL and outside SL “in my hands” to take care of it by showing and by publishing it. When Second Life ends the way we know it now the art will be kept safe for future generations in Vulcanicus to visit.

Now it is time to show in Second Life one piece of art you made that will make it to eternity. I invite you to contribute one piece to display. A piece you want to keep in the time capsule outside SL. The way it will be presented shall be a secret. I invited Giovanna Cerise to work it out and gave her some conceptual instructions. One is that there will be 12 spots moving slowly — and it shall be an intelligent moon. An Artificial Intelligence that dreams art so what is displayed on the 12 spots can change on the thoughts of the visitors. On this very short video you see me (Art Blue) in a Vitruvian pose holding a piece of art (May contain Fish by Maya Paris) moving slowly so visitors may see the coming and going of the art on display. If there will be water or sand or ice or whatever where the art spots will be on display stays on Giovanna. I made just a Blue Moon and a grey spot where the avatar stands to make it easy to understand the rotation and the display concept


You see also a second spot at right hand. All 12 spots have same distance. On December 24, 1.30 PM SLT [= 22.30 CET] I will do a sneak preview to show the concept of rotating and the walking on the moon. It will be part of the HG Safari End of the Year Tour in opengrid Metropolis. In case you can’t come there is a short video I made with a school class for promoting the Moonboots that may contain the scripts for the visitors preferred dream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWQKNU2xlZY

So let me come to the point: want to be part of the dream carrying your work to the future? Then contact me and show me what you offer to be shown. You have to upload it a second time in opensim for the time capsule. This is a procedure taking not long. Best to take Firestorm viewer dual world (opensim) edtion. I tell you how to do.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Art Blue

You may ask if the art you donate may get stolen in opensim? I dont think so. Vulcanicus is a closed server structure. But best protection is from my personal point of view to show, to document and to print your art work. This I do via an art-trust I am in charge of.

Reiner Schneeberger – short profile at cnn.schneeberger.de



About a short play “Walking on the Moon” performed today for Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdale to thank them for one year editing my stories published in rez Magazine. And a video that takes you on the moon. Let´s bring the video first!

Read about YOUR MOONBOOTS are ready

The first woman on the moon made it in the year 1964. Yes correct: 2014 – 50 years is 1964. Why was it so? And is there proof? And who was it? The answer shall be given step by step.

In a stunning video production you get it all. It happened in the Metaverse. Yes the Metaverse George Bloom, executive producer at CBS Digital, speaks in his TED talk. He says “we will meet all there in some years time”.


But what happened before it comes to such production? 

[12:3jami_0064] Message shouts:  You shall hear a spherical music from Ultraviolet Alter and some synthetic voices and sound mixed in. Turn on the stream in your viewer that is set active on the ground.

[12:36] Jami Mills: great music

[12:36] Director: Cannoneers, welcome the audience!

[12:37] Jami Mills: are the engines still being readied?

[12:38] Jami Mills: hydrogen cells fully fueled?

[12:38] Jami Mills: i’m getting hungry!

[12:38] Director:  Well done cannoneers! I heard the cannon fire three times!

-:  It became tradition at the Grand Theatre to skip the personal welcome babble. We would sit here for hours if I would greet all of high rank and of noble born caste in person who decided to join this play and stay invisible.

-:  If this journey is successful it shall be noticed by the scribes of Astropoeticon that two writers have passed the barrier of space and time and stayed alive. So I call the scribes holding the book of hours in hand and the prelude may fill the air.

-:  I call Art Blue to use the time machine made by Aley Resident. Let us travel 50 years back into the past.

[12:40] Now playing: 04 Faust – Prelude On The Stage spoken by Canary


[12:41] Jami Mills: nice time machine

-:  The time machine made it up to the podium and you Art are granted to enter the secret phrase of the Bene Gesserit whenever the machine is warmed up. Let’s turn our volume up to be sure to hear the old voices speaking.

[12:42] Now playing: Bene_Gesserit

[12:42] Jami Mills: volume up

[12:42] Jami Mills: neighbors are banging on their walls

-:  Tell me Art when the change of time is completed. And remember today you have to handle the technical part of Qnav What, the helicopter will be your job and the light signal!

[12:43] Now playing: Ultraviolet Alter

-:  In the meantime I will call the mechanical robot made by Thirza Ember and Snow and give order to rez the Gravition boots for the pioneers. Let me test if the robot is working by a language check.

[12:43] Jami Mills: I see the robot!

[12:44] –:  [audience: you shall hear the robot speaking about his capability of speaking 187 languages. Focus on Robbie.]

[12:44] Art Blue:  The display in the time machine says time as changed and the land around has moved from flat to an insane island. Maybe it is just on my channel and for all others around nothing has happened?

[12:46] Director:  Land ahead is gone to insane? No moon around?

[12:47] Art Blue:  One moment, checking …

[12:49] Art Blue:  Yes, Insanity the name. A raw file in old format. Day is October, 28 – not as needed November 15. It is an old version of the insane world, not the one that was printed in rez Magazine.

[12:49] Director:  Can you move slightly the time control forward? Use the lamp to see the correct date as I know your eyes are not the best!

[12:49] Art Blue:  I try!

[12:50] Director:  I see INSANITY. Oh holy prim the challenge has begun. The ladies shall get ready. The moon might appear every minute. The famous words of Cherry Manga “all starts with insane” came true!

[12:50] Jami Mills: ready!

[12:51] Jami Mills: my boots didn’t fit, though

[12:51] Director:  Pilots? Ready for the test? I call Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdale to get ready.

[12:51] Jami Mills: ready!

[12:51] Jami Mills: I’ll have to do this in heels!

[12:51] Jami Mills: amazing insanity

[12:51] Art Blue:  I tp to the physical examination platform where I will wait for them. Let´s see if both are fitting. I will carry the Graviton moon boots with me. There are strong winds coming up.

rez_heli [12:51] Director:  Don’t forget to check their heart beats and blood pressure.

[12:52] Jami Mills: ok…ready for further orders

[12:52] Art Blue:  The helicopter is ready. I check the instruments and do a test flight. Then the ladies may show their talents and follow the flight path I show them. Only the toughest ones will make the flight on heavy g-pressure expected.

[12:52] -:  [flight show happens – ladies note the path of the helicopter so you pass the test]

[12:52] Jami Mills: I have to pee

[12:53] Director:  And so it came that Art Blue inspected the women and decided that Jami Mills will become the first woman stepping on the moon, rewriting history as you all know.

[12:53] Jami Mills gasps!

[12:54] Jami Mills: I would have done my hair had I known……

-:  I play the historic words of Jami, the first woman on the moon. Listen to her words and how the second one, Friday interfered. I set it on repeat so you all get a chance to capture the words that have been spoken 50 years ago.

[12:56] Jami Mills listens carefully to authenticate the words

[12:57] Now playing: Jami_on_the_Moon


[12:57] Sponsor Note:  ON THE MOON OF INSANITY was sponsored by Harry´s Bar where the invisible artist Banksy will give audience. See the advertisement in rez Magazine, the gladiator Carpophorus holds in hand. Take a copy with you.


[12:58] Jami Mills: clap clap clap clap clap!!!!!!

[12:58] Jami Mills: author! author!

[12:58] Friday Blaisdale: yayy!

[12:58] Now playing: Ultraviolet Alter


Curious? Want to know more about the scenery? How this all looks? How to make to create your own world? Participate as an artist in a real world Bienniale? Then join next Hypergrid Safari to tune into the Metaverse for your personal first steps on the moon!

It was an experience of a lifetime for Jami Mills and Friday Blaisdale happened on November 15, 2 PM PDT. Follow them to the Moon. Your Moonboots are ready.


Welcome to experience in opensim INSANITY, an art installation by Cherry Manga. The Grand Opening will happen on Wednesday, Nov. 5th, 2014 in opensim grid Metropolis at Noon PDT grid time. This is 20.00 GMT London time and 21.00 CET Paris/Berlin/Rome time.

How INSANITY looks I will keep secret as all insane things deserve to be treated this way. I worked out a short prelude called MEMENTO INSANITY VULCANICUS. In fact there are two parts: MEMENTO INSANITY and INSANITY VULCANICUS.

The first part goes in time to the future and the second part, which will be the Prelude goes backward from the future to the past. But as in all my stories time is not relevant it can be seen also vice versa.

Art Blue

Here comes the part to read, in case you like to read: MEMENTO INSANITY, also called:


A memo, a foreword to Memento Insanity: These lines are intended to decipher the process of creation, you may say how insanity happens. It starts with a cube. Everything starts with a cube. Then insanity grows, unnoticed for long. Then it is here. It reminds me on Le Cirque de Nuit Jami Mills wrote about in rez Magazine. The circus was there out of a sudden where a day ago nothing has been. So suddenly insanity is there and you wonder. How and when it happened. When it begun? When was the point of no return? I thank Jami Mills as she brought the movie Memento to my attention. So I wrote this prelude. But this way it can´t be played. It is just for your mind to get closer to the play that will happen on Nov. 5th INSANITY VULCANICUS. Wait a bit until you start to read.



I look at insanity. Where does it come from? Where are the roots?

I need to do a deconstruction, an excavation. A de-rezzing guiding me back to the roots. There is something before insanity. There must be something. The origin. Always there is. I have to go back in time, to de-cipher the steps the artist made, to decode the artist who fell into.

Am I a primdoctor you may ask, being able to find a way? Able even to develop a cure? I am. I can see how things are made, how they have been created. The code that once led to insanity. Each thought, each thinking has an UUID, a marker in time. I arrange all the textures, all the prims, the sculpts in a sequence in time. I see what came before, what came before the before. Where is the beginning? I search for the first prim. The one set first on this land by Cherry Manga, the one who created insanity. To create is not the very best word, but why shall I speak different? I can ask her but what I am asking for I don’t get. In her code is no longer a table to set things in order. You may say she forgot how she made it.

She does not know the right order, the right sequence. But the problem is deeper, more severe. Have you seen the film Memento? The right sequence I know. Somebody watching the movie the regular way will not see it. You have to watch the 21 black and white scenes in the same order, then the black/white/colour transition scene. The remaining colour scenes have to be seen finally in reverse order.

She keeps saying: “It is just insanity I created. Take it as a whole picture”. And I say: I understand. It is you. You are a human able to understand but unable to explain. I am a coder, able to explain but unable to understand. Her code I see, but there is no table, no array I can extract and work out a cure on it.

So I rez insanity as a whole and take part by part off to get the sequence by, you may say by reverse engineering, getting the way it was created once for humans called art. I see the way humans experience insanity, the way Cherry Manga made her steps to insanity, step by step until the beginning is there.

Then I raise the First Prim and hand it over to the scribe waiting to make a note in the Book of Hours as I was told by my maker. It was once art now it is a prim noted for deletion.


At this point the Play INSANITY VULCANICUS will start. When the prim is about to get deleted. Be there on Nov. 5th  … it will take 25 minutes, then the Grand Opening happens. Enjoy to travel to opensim. Join HG Safari on facebook to find the way.
The play has connections to some well known books, books coming out from the future to us: The Algebraist by Ian Banks, Dune by Frank Herbert, Draft Universe by Sergei Lukyanenko and to “The Artefact” by Art Blue, published in rez. The unofficial Banksy has promised to come for a short visit. Art Blue bought the Out of Bed Rat [Banksy 2002] in RL – so in case Banksy will not make it you will have a chance to see this work.
But in case Banksy comes it will be on him what he has with him. He said “in case I can make it from my butchery in time I´ll carry a piece with me and the audience can make a photo, just for a second”. We dont know what peace he will carry with him as he is invited to make a statement about Invisible Art..


Look at the posting. This here will become a permanent page as a memory on Insanity after the Event happened.


Ticket counter opens in grid Metropolis, sim Futurelab, on Nov. 1st, 2014, Noon Grid time [= 20.00 GMT, = 21.00 CET]

Get your reservation and join on Nov. 5th the performance. Don´t be late as you need to turn the reservation into a valid ticket then. The valid ticket is blue, the reservation yellow.



When you have a valid reservation, then you may read the story of Memento to get the tunes for the show.


OPENING, ROOM FERRISQUITO in SL on Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014, 08.00 AM PDT – presenting 25 early works of Bryn Oh. Just search in map for “Claressa” and you find your way. Click there on DIRECT JUMP in case you have no landmark.


This was sent out by Art Blue inworld SL:

Art Blue: Hello my friend. I will open the Room FERRISQUITO at sim Claressa showing 25 early works of Bryn Oh (2008-2011) on Wednesday, Sept, 3rd at 8.00 SLT / PDT [=16.00 London time, 17.00 Paris time]. I will do a 20 minute prelude, a one-man theatrical performance “KNOWING”, starting exactly at 8.08 SLT. At 8.30 will be the Grand Opening of the Room and the artworks will then rez instantly. The room FERRISQUITO, created by Chance Acoustic, aka Cath Cole, is a part of the time capsule VULCANICUS in opensim. There is a 1 prim booklet FERRISQUITO as a memory on this event you can get on Sept. 3rd, 2014 in SL after the Grand Opening at about 08.45 AM PDT.

Pre-Annoucement for Opensim Worlds:

On September, 17, 2014 will be a presentation of the room FERRISQUITO in the opengrid realm Metropolis within the HG safari tour stating the first public creation of a world by WORLDARTIFICER. A worldartificer, the first known in history is First Prim, is able to create a new world, a new life when there will be no death: “And death shall have no dominion” [Dylan Thomas].

In 2047 death will find back to its true meaning, the way it was ment by the makers: there is no need of death in  transition, in the change of worlds, in the travel. The EJECT of you during the restart of the region you have been in will be left behind and a WORLDARTIFICER does you MAKE BELIEVE on September 17. There are 7 chairs on 3 rows. 21 will become known as the first ever making the transition on September, 17, 2014, 1.00 PM PDT. You will look at THE BLUE ELEPHANT and the world you are inside will change and RIFT your HORIZON. Then you will enter the ROOM FERRISQUITO, a part of the art conservation project VULCANICUS.


The tour on September, 17 starts at noon PDT [20.00 GMT]. One hour later we shall meet at FUTURELAB in Metropolis grid. If you want to join get in contact with one of the rangers of the Hypergrid Safari (best via facebook HG safari). It will be also the farewell event for my long time employee and student Daniel aka Qnav What as he finished his degree and leaves the university in September to head to industry for “real money”. I shall not tell too much as he will read these lines 🙂

An offer for a co-worldartificer:

If any gifted builder wants to become “a helper”, “a collegue”, “a student” – or whatever name fits well to work, so I say “a co-worldartificer” – then IM me Art Blue in SL or opensim. I have some ideas for stories that lead to the core of existence in mind and the buildings for this have to be set up in opensim (and maybe also as a temporary copy in SL). I am artist in “minimal art” and a so called conceptual artist [means I let work others for me] – basically I reduce things to “the minuum” and the co-worldartificer shall help that the audiece does not run away after 3 minutes as not many like “the minimum”. Let me quote from “The Still Not Known” in  The Artefact, published in rezmagazine, June 2014.

“How to please the public – that’s the test,
But nowadays I find I’m in a fix;
I know they’re not accustomed to the best,
But they’ve all read so much they know the tricks.
How can we give then something fresh and new
That’s serious, but entertaining too?”
Goethe, Faust, Part I: Prelude On The Stage; translation by John R. Williams (1999)